Collection management

In Spring 2016 the libraries began working together on a joint project around collaborative print management, working with the US-based internationally-focused library services company OCLC, to map and analyse our existing collections. We are the first group outside of the US to use the OCLC Sustainable Collection Services GreenGlass decision-support application.

The work brought interesting results, with the GreenGlass data showing that the overlap across the collections of the three libraries was much smaller than anticipated. This led the libraries to work closely with OCLC and SCS to explore how the GreenGlass tool matched records to see if valid matches had been missed. This ground breaking analysis work was part funded by JISC, as it was felt to be of significance in the context of the development of the National Bibliographic Knowledgebase (NBK). The results are presented in the JISC report: Understanding collections overlap final report July 2017 (PDF), produced by White Rose Libraries in July 2017.

The results showed that the GreenGlass tool did give an accurate reflection of the collections, giving similar results to the COPAC Collection Management tool and to manually checked results. A key finding of the report concerns the quality of UK data, and the impact this has on matching records. It is hoped these findings will help JISC in the development of the NBK and associated tools.