Mutual Support Agreement

The White Rose Libraries have a mutual support agreement, approved in 2015, that commits them to helping each other in the event of a major disaster. It is modelled on the similar M25 Consortium policy.

White Rose Libraries Mutual Support Agreement

  1. The Libraries of the White Rose Consortium (the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield, and York) agree that, in the event of a disaster at a member Library, other member Libraries will endeavour to provide study space and related borrowing privileges for students from the affected Library. 
  2. The purpose of the agreement is to define and make available with minimum delay and negotiation, services for members of disaster-affected Libraries.
  3. This agreement is invoked only in case of evident need in an emergency situation, when access to study spaces, materials and/or services have been significantly reduced, and where existing capacity at the home institution (at e.g. other site libraries) is not sufficient. 
  4. The agreement is invoked at the request of the Director of the affected Library, for a maximum of one month in the first instance. Any extension or variation in services would be negotiated between the host and affected Libraries.
  5. When the agreement is invoked Consortium members will endeavour to:

    Provide study space access to any student with a valid ID card from the affected university
    Allow any student with a valid ID card from the affected university to apply for short-term borrowing rights
  6. Access to other specialised services such as inter-library loans and electronic resources which are not covered by standard JISC agreements, would be by specific negotiation between the host and affected Libraries. 
  7. Any costs incurred by the host institution in providing additional support, may be charged back to the affected Library. 
  8. Participating Libraries undertake to apply their best efforts to honouring the principles of the agreement, but it confers no rights on individual users – access and service provision being ultimately at the discretion of the Libraries concerned.