White Rose Libraries share the UK’s only collaboratively managed institutional repositories, providing access to full-text research and theses from scholars of the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York through shared infrastructure.

White Rose Research Online (established in 2004) and White Rose Etheses Online (added in 2007) together form one of the most highly-used institutional repository services in the UK, with over 18 million downloads of full-text articles and doctoral theses.

Strategic direction for the repositories comes from the WRL Repositories Board. An Operational team, chaired by the WRL Executive Manager and consisting of key colleagues from across the three sites, manages the development and operation of the repositories service. Technical support and development is provided by John Salter, the dedicated WRL Technical Officer based at the University of Leeds- where the service is hosted. This structure brings efficiencies in terms of costs and adds value in increasing the knowledge and expertise available, while ensuring the collaborative operated service still reflects individual institutional policies and so provides an institutional repository for each University in the truest sense.