Service Development Group

Operational oversight for White Rose Libraries is the responsibility of the Service Development Group (SDG), comprised of two senior managers from each library. It reports to Directors Group.

SDG is responsible for:

  • providing operational oversight for White Rose Libraries activities
  • setting the priorities of the executive manager
  • reviewing service proposals
  • passing recommendations on development projects to the directors as appropriate.

Current membership:

  • Masud Khokhar, Deputy Director of Information Services & Head of Library and Archives, York
  • Tracey Clarke, Associate Director, Academic and Digital Strategies, Sheffield (Chair)
  • Bo Middleton, Head of Learning Support, Leeds
  • Jane Saunders, Head of Information Resources, Leeds
  • Sarah Thompson, Head of Collections, York
  • Kate Petherbridge, White Rose Libraries Executive Manager

In attendance:

  • Tom Grady, White Rose Libraries Admin

Reporting to the Service Development Group are a number of Strategic Theme Subgroups, which investigate and coordinate planning around five key areas of collaboration:

  • scholarly communication and research data
  • continuing professional development for library staff
  • collaborative collection management
  • customer services and user experience
  • repository software and development

The subgroups meet at different frequencies, according to need, but are an effective way of bringing together key stakeholders within a coordinated White Rose framework. The subgroups are tasked with developing roadmaps for their areas, and identifying potential collaborative activity that can add value to the partners in these key strategic areas.