White Rose University Press

White Rose Libraries (WRL) established the not-for-profit White Rose University Press (WRUP) in early 2016. WRUP is an Open Access publisher, meaning the publications are primarily digital and are free to access and download without barrier anywhere with a live internet connection. The content is issued under Creative Commons licences, meaning it can be shared and reused within limits set by the author (who retains the copyright to their content). WRUP publishes across a wide range of academic disciplines, and welcomes proposals from across the academic community, not just from Leeds, Sheffield or York.

All the books and journals we publish are peer-reviewed, and an Editorial Board made up of senior academics from the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York ensure that publications are of high academic quality through WRUP’s rigorous commissioning process.

White Rose University Press is the UK’s first jointly managed Open Access academic press, and firmly establishes the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York in the vanguard of evolving scholarly publishing.

For more information see universitypress.whiterose.ac.uk